There are many ways to discover the Great Barrier Reef but snorkeling is definitely our favourite. I know, some people might see it as scuba diving’s poor cousin but this is definitely not the case. It’s a different experience altogether and even the most passionate scuba divers will tell you that snorkeling on the reef is amazing. Snorkeling is cool. It is the chilled, easy going, no hassle way of enjoying a beautiful day out on the ocean.

Read on to discover the top 12 reasons why we think snorkeling is the best way to see the Great Barrier Reef!

  1. The majority of the reef’s life is found at less than 10 metres deep – The reef’s ecosystem thrives in sunlight, which means that most of what you want to see is in the shallows and easily visible from the surface.
    In fact, the shallow coral reefs are home to more than 25% of all marine living species, even though they cover only over 0.1% of the ocean’s floor!
  2. The colours are better – The deeper you go the darker it gets. The shallower you are the brighter the light and vibrant the colours!
  3. It’s safe and easy – You don’t even really need to know how to swim. All you have to do is kick your fins. The mask, fins and the wetsuit alone keep you well afloat and you can use noodles or other devices to make it even easier.
    If you are used to swimming with your head out of the water and you get tired easily, don’t worry. You’ll find that it is much less demanding to swim with your head in the water.
  4. You can swim much faster and cover more ground than scuba divers. You’re lighter and are not limited by the amount of air you have. And out of the water you have no heavy gear to carry around.  With your mask, fins, and snorkel, you can hop in and out without having anything weighing you down.  It’s the nice, light and easy way to go.
  5. It’s a great workout! Yes you can be very happy floating around but chances are you’ll probably get so distracted and amazed by the view that you won’t even realise how much kicking you’re doing.
  6. You are able to go through shallow waterways and oftentimes will be rewarded with nice lagoons and flats, which groupers, cuttlefish and many other amazing types of fish like to call home.
  7. It’s cheaper! – All boats trips out to the Great Barrier Reef include free snorkeling. There are extra costs associated with scuba diving equipment, training, certification, and heavier regulations
  8. The water is warmer at the surface! That says it all, no need to get all shivery and blue to enjoy the view!
  9. Instant gratification – You don’t need to worry about any technical aspect, check your gear, or how long you’ve been down there, all you need to do is jump in, open your eyes and be dazzled.
  10. It’s relaxing.  It’s almost like a meditation practice. Breath in, breath out, slowly, let your mind go quiet, feel the warmth of the sun on your back and how the water carries the weight of your body?look at all the colours, and let the blue light soothe your soul, listen to the silence… well the noisy, busy silence of the reef, listen to the parrot fish crunching on the coral, how cute is that? and see these amazing corals and fishes of all shapes and colours? so vibrant and peaceful at the same time… you’re feeling light and relaxed and … wow! look out: reef sharks! Awesome! I did say almost like a meditation practice!
  11. You’re not limited to the surface! Yes, you are allowed to free dive and go see things down there if you feel so inclined.
  12. You can hover over the scuba divers and swim among their bubbles! It may sound weird but it’s quite pleasant and bonus is: you’ll finally get to understand that guy 😀 :

 What about you? What’s your favourite thing about snorkeling?

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