Who Are We and Why do we exist?

We are a group of snorkel and dive enthusiasts that love the ocean and its creatures. When traveling to other places, we found it difficult to find where to go snorkeling or diving and how to get there, or even get a good idea of what to expect of the destination.  So we made JustSnorkel to make this experiences better by offering photos, maps, and guides available to everyone for free as well as let you know where to book tours to get to your selected destination.  You can see photos of people and places of any location listed, find a map that gives you directions via Google Maps, and how to get there if you want to take a tour.


We a want to help people see cool stuff before, during and after your experiences and hopefully share with others

Every dive site and tour has a hashtag listed on it you can use on your Instagram photos to share with other people that are going out to #justsnorkel.  This lets you know which communities on instagram you can share with for every location and also get a chance to see what other people are already sharing.

We love to hear from you!

  • You’ve had an outstanding experience with an operator that is not currently listed? Please tell us about it!
  • You want to share your latest snorkeling stories and pics? Join our Facebook Group!
  • Missing anything you would like to see?  Please let us know!